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BOSAL Emission Control Systems NV
Contributing to a clean world by consistently innovating in mobility and energy


BOSAL is a Dutch privately owned company, mainly known as a global Tier 1 automotive supplier, in business since 1923. We employ about 2500 people in 17 production facilities of which the largest ones are situated in the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Turkey.

BOSAL is organized around three main divisions: Powertrain, Chassis, and Energy.

Our corporate research center is based in Belgium, next to that we run 5 other R&D satellites worldwide.

We develop and manufacture solutions that allow the reduction of vehicle emissions, weight, battery size, and noise. Because less of those things bring a cleaner future closer.

And that is what we work for, our purpose: contributing to a cleaner world by consistently innovating in mobility and energy.

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Range extender


Recuperator for SOEC solid oxide elec. cell system