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FAQ about app and online catalog


How do I get my ticket?

If you are a visitor, student or press representative, Messe München will send you the ticket by email after your ticket order has been placed successfully or you have been accredited. For all questions around 'tickets and ticket orders' please visit the EXPO REAL website at 'Purchase ticket'. For any further questions send an email to registrierung@messe-muenchen.de or call the service hotline at tel. +49 89 949-11628

How does the community area in the EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit App enhance my trade fair experience?

The community area in the EXPO REAL Hybrid SUmmit App is a digital networking platform that allows you to communicate with other attendees across a wide range of channels: All EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit attendees with a valid ticket have access to the community area, regardless of their current location. The app brings all relevant people and information together centrally in one place. In topic-related channels and private chats, you can discuss key industry issues with existing and new contacts. Or you can relax and follow what’s happening in the industry right now.

How does the EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit App improve my event experience?

  • A personalized home screen with your EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit exhibitor and event favorites
  • A “Find exhibitors” function
  • An interactive floor plan of the exhibition area
  • A daily overview of EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit’s conference program
  • Easily save and manage all of your favorites
  • An attractive community area for all industry attendees

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How do I change my login details?

Please login with your access data into the Messe München ticket shop. Within the section 'edit profile' you're able to change your login details.

To the ticket shop

I have forgotten my login details. How do I get a new password?

In the Online Catalog you can request a new password via the login dropdown menu under 'Login' -> 'Forgot your login data?'

Why can I no longer log in?

Your ticket has been canceled.
To log in or register again, send an email to registrierung@messe-muenchen.de or call the hotline at tel. +49 89 949-11628.

If you still have problems with your login, you can also reach the EXPO REAL Media Services team by email at support@exporeal-mediaservices.de or at tel. +49 89 666166-43.

Where do I order my ticket for EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit?

You can order your EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit ticket here.

To be able to use all services, it is compulsory to state with your ticket order that you want publication in all trade fair directories.

How to manage my favorites?

Who can help me with questions to the Online Catalog?

Just send an email to support@exporeal-mediaservices.de or call support at tel. +49 89 666166-43.

How can I get included in the media, if I have not approved publication?

If you have purchased an EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit ticket, but have not yet consented to publication in the media, please log in with your access data into the Messe München ticket shop. Within the section "Edit profile" you're able to activate the publication.

To the ticket shop

How long can I use the app's community area?

You can access the community area for 365 days from the date you purchased your ticket.

Where can I set up a Messe München account?

As a trade fair visitor, journalist, media representative or student, you set up your Messe München account when you purchase your ticket.

As an exhibitor representative, you create your Messe München account when you personalize your exhibitor’s pass. Alternatively, you might already have an account which you set up to log in to the Exhibitor Shop or to register your company as an exhibitor. Enter your email address and Messe München account password in the app’s login area. You can now get started and use the full features of the app’s community area.

What is the EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit App's participant directory?

The app’s participant directory lists all of the trade fair attendees who have approved the publication of their personal data in the EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit App. The app lists their surnames, first names and company names. If you wish, you can also personalize your listing by adding a description and a profile image.

How do I make sure I am listed in the EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit App's participant directory?

When you register your EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit ticket, you will be asked whether you would like to be listed in the app’s participant directory free of charge. If you want to be listed, simply tick the appropriate box. If you didn’t tick the box when you registered your ticket, don’t worry: you can do this in your registration profile at any time.

How do I make the most of the app's community area?

Simply sign in to the app using the same Messe München account you created when you registered your ticket and enter your email address and password to access the app’s full features. 

Please note: In order to use the app’s community area, you need to authorize the publication of your personal data in EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit App when you purchase your trade ticket.

Does it cost anything to use the community area?

To use the community area, you need a valid trade fair ticket: For everyone attending EXPO REAL Hybrid Summit 2020, the community area is included in the ticket price.

The community area is open 365 days from the date you purchase your ticket.


You have questions about the app and the online catalog or about your login? We will be pleased to help you.

Just send an email to support@exporeal-mediaservices.de. Or call us at +49 89 666166-43.