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aFuel<sup>®</sup> – Global Energy

OBRIST Powertrain GmbH

aFuel® – Global Energy

aFuel® is the first energy source in the world to feature net negative CO₂ emissions. It combines eMethanol, a simple but incredibly versatile and efficient energy carrier made exclusively from water, sunlight, and ambient air, with our cSink technology, which actively, securely, and effectively captures CO₂ and converts it into an inert form of carbon for simple, indefinite storage. By doing so, we offer the first solution that not only provides CO₂ neutral, but even CO₂ negative energy to the world. Using aFuel®, we can not only make a meaningful impact towards global CO₂ neutrality but even show a way of capturing and mitigating past emissions directly from the atmosphere. Unite with us to create carbon neutrality tomorrow – and carbon negativity forever.