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Deutsche Telekom AG


Whether you're making phone calls or streaming music or video to your passengers via the integrated hotspot, you'll always have the best quality possible. The great thing about it is that you can conveniently use your telephony and hotspot immediately in the car without having to log in again, even without a smartphone. Even if you get into another vehicle with this functionality, its settings and services will be activated automatically. MobilityConnect gives you ideal in-car connectivity and networking. The vehicle's external antenna ensures excellent phone quality, plus your passengers can stream favorite music or videos simultaneously with up to 10 devices via the integrated hotspot, all in 5G.


Seamless connectivity - taking it from car to car
Through an eSIM module, you can easily take your phone and hotspot with you when changing vehicles
Safe and simple - no smartphone use is necessary in the car
Control various contents of your smartphone conveniently and easily via the vehicle display
Powerful and future proof: supported by 5G
Use 5G for even more bandwidth and speed for your downloads, streaming, or gaming in the car