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The DeepDrive electric vehicle platform


The DeepDrive electric vehicle platform

The DeepDrive electric vehicle platform is revolutionary in all regards. It combines all driving functions of an electric car in a completely flat and scalable platform. It is fully plug & play meaning vehicle makers have full flexibility to build their concepts on top – saving them 50% of their development cost and 24 months time to market. Our platform is powered by our patented, highly innovative in-wheel powertrain, which is 20% more efficient than current market standard. The complete modularity of the platform results in significantly increased lifetime and much lower maintenance costs. Due to the in-wheel motor, we have enough space for any battery type, therefore guaranteeing range and sustainability. Through our standardised drive-by-wire interfaces we are fully autonomous-ready.


Plug & play
Completely flat and scalable in size, meaning any vehicle concept fits on top
Using our platform reduces development costs by ~50% and time to market by ~24 months
Designed for the future: fully autonomous ready and ultra-low total cost of ownership