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LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH

LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH

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LFT provides safety-critical ASIL perception SW stack (ASIL certified) for AD.

Company profile

LAKE FUSION Technologies is a deep-tech company developing safety-critical ASIL-approved environment detection SW for AD. Founded in 2018 by former Airbus engineers who had previously developed and marketed laser-based obstacle and collision warning systems for h/c. LFT transfers safety, sensor and sensor data fusion know-how from aviation to the automotive market. The focus is on the development of deterministic LiDAR algorithms and sensor data fusion from the point of view of safety, so that vehicles can be brought to the certification stage with the corresponding verification. An essential core of the service is the safeguarding of artificial intelligence for safety-critical systems, among other things. The goal of LFT is to make AD as safe as flying through laser-based environmental perception.


LAKE FUSION Technologies GmbH
Schießstattweg 15, 88677 Markdorf, Germany