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QWIC offers a serious alternative for the car and public transport.

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The half of all car rides are shorter than 7 km,  and about 80% is even below 20 km. That’s the perfect distance for an e-bike.

Mobility is one of the most important demands in Western society. This causes increased traffic and puts more pressure on the environment. Therefore, environmental requirements are becoming more strict and fossil fuels are scarce and getting more expensive. This creates many new opportunities for the development of sustainable mobility solutions.

In order to reduce the current mobility problems and environmental pollution, QWIC is committed to a future with car-free cities by developing innovative e-bikes. Thanks to using high design elements and innovations from the automotive industry, we offer a serious alternative to the four-wheeler. With a modern design and the use of the best components, we take our electric bicycles to a higher level every year.

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