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K|Lens GmbH
RGBDX - AI-based 3D Computer Vision for automated 100% Quality Control

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Smart factories require rich data.

Our AI-based light-field sensor can do more: the K|Lens is a patented lens add-on adaptable to any standard camera. It is enabled by our in-house software and perfectly suited for 100% inline quality control. With any single exposure, rich data (so called “RGBDX”) is generated. Those comprise color and 3D shape and cue to effective machine learning and deep learning. In addition to quality inspection, this allows to build digital twins of a product and access smart operations e.g. predictive maintenance. 

The RGBDX data can be connected to process parameters and transferred into a MES, optimizing production processes. The use of the K|Lens creates an ideal tool to drive data intense processes in industry 4.0 and improve operations continuously. 

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K|Lens - Lightfield technology merged with AI