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Developer and manufacturer of intelligent LWIR thermal cameras for ADAS and AV.

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Long-Wave Infrared Sensing Technology - The Future of Safe Mobility 

For self-driving cars and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) to be truly safe and reliable, vehicles must always see and understand everything in their path, especially at night, in adverse weather and when blinded by direct sunlight or high-beam headlights.

ADASKY’s smart LWIR camera, Viper, can see right through it all, and help save lives both inside and outside of the vehicles.

ADASKY is an innovative leading Israeli developer and manufacturer of intelligent LWIR thermal imaging cameras for ADAS, AD, smart cities and urban air mobility. The technology is designed and produced in-house, from the optomechanics, to its robust perception and image processing algorithms catalog, for superior quality and performance.