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AKKURAD develops and produces light electric vehicles / batteries.

Company profile

The company AKKURAD has been dealing with special bicycles, i.e. vehicles that close the gap between bicycles and cars, since 1993.

The first velomobile with an electric drive was built back in 1995. Larger velomobiles for several people or a lot of luggage are usually called Velocars or Carbikes today.

Under the new brand "GaloppE", AKKURAD offers the classic everyday bike "Alleweder 6" with motor support up to 25 or 45 km / h.

The further development of the Alleweder 6 with a large trunk and four wheels is called "GaloppE AZ".

A cargo bike with a roof or the Velocar "Loti" for 2 people can be set up on the new pedal-electric platform "PEP".

A larger electric pick-up completes the new range of vehicles for the last mile.