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BikerTop®: World's First Pop-Up Shield Cover for Bikes

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BikerTop®: World’s First Pop-Up Shield Cover for Bikes

A groundbreaking system that protects cyclists from rain and wind. The cover pops open from the handlebar in just a few seconds, providing a shelter from the rain while using the bicycle.

Urban transportation continues to move towards eco-friendly alternatives as e-bikes, as well as traditional bikes, become more popular. Yet these methods of transportation lack a solution when faced with bad weather. BikerTop® is the world’s first portable solution that provides an instant shield against rain while commuting on your bike.
The innovative pop-up design of BikerTop® allows instant opening and closing – very similar to an umbrella. With a few simple movements, cyclists can quickly protect themselves from adverse weather in just seconds.

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BikerTop®: The Pop-Up Shield Cover for e-Bikes