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Stromer Speed Pedelecs – Drive the difference

Company profile

Stromer is a Swiss brand based in Oberwangen and is shaping the future of mobility with its fast e-bikes (45 km/h). MyStromer AG is the market leader in the Speed Pedelec category. The company employs around 140 people, has two subsidiaries (USA and Netherlands) and sells its products in 17 countries. “Swissness” is Stromer’s promise of quality, design, precision, reliability and respect for the environment. With its product portfolio, Stromer offers commuters a contemporary mobility solution. This can be confirmed by the < 200 million kilometers traveled on Stromers. Additional information can be found at  

Product presentations

Stromer ST5 ABS

The ST5 is the unsurpassed flagship of the Stromer S-Pedelec range (fast...

Stromer ST3 Pinion

The ST3 with the Pinion drive option is an extraordinarily dynamic...

Stromer ST3 Limited Edition

The ST3 Limited Edition is a special edition of the all-round model ST3,...

Stromer ST2 Special Edition

Launched in 2020 with a low-maintenance belt drive, the ST2 has gotten a...

Stromer ST1 Special Edition

The top-class beginner S-Pedelec with elegant design and reliable,...



Freiburgstr. 798, 3173 Oberwangen, Switzerland
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