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Vässla Micromobility
Vässla – Stop communting. Start moving.

Company profile

Vässla was founded in 2017 by Rickard Bröms in Sweden. Bröms was bothered by the time and effort it took him every day to travel to work by public transport. One day he bought an e-moped and noticed two things. 1) It was surprisingly difficult to acquire one. 2) With the e-moped, it took him 15 minutes instead of 45 minutes to get to work. That was the basis for the birth of Vässla. Meanwhile, Vässla is the number one e-scooter manufacturer in Sweden. Since 2018, German engineer and inventor Prof. Uwe Hager has been a co-partner and as CTO responsible for technical development. The vehicles have also been available in Germany and Austria since 2019 and the expansion in these markets has been stepped up since 2021.

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