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The smartest way to charge your electric vehicle (EV)

Company profile

Wallbox is a global company that leads the development of cutting-edge technology in the electric vehicles (EV’s) and energy management sector.  Combining innovative technology and distinctive design, Wallbox's charging systems enable users to better manage their energy use and storage. In addition to the major shift towards smarter energy use, Wallbox is accelerating the transition to sustainable, efficient and intelligent mobility. Wallbox is once again revolutionising the industry by introducing Supernova, its innovative public charger that delivers reliable and efficient operation at half the current investment of similar chargers. To back up this bold claim, Wallbox is ready to offer a full range of solutions across the entire lifecycle, which can be tailored to each customer's needs.

Product presentations

The smart and powerful home EV charger.

Wallbox Pulsar Plus was created to give your electric vehicle a powerful...

Smart EV charging at your fingertips.

Wallbox Commander 2 was designed to make your charger more interactive by...

Smart charging designed for endless possibilities.

Wallbox Copper SB was created to provide a versatile yet elegant design...

A paradigm shift in public fast-charging.

Supernova is Wallbox's revolutionary fast-charger that offers reliable...



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