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A new green, smart, and fashion new species is on the scene.

Company profile

Introduction of WEY

Originated in 2016, Entered Germany in 2021

Brand Mission:Bring tangible luxuries to world. With the quality resources and advanced intelligent technology, the WEY brand embed the essence of safety and deluxe to every model.

Born with a global DNA, the WEY brand is founded by the global elite team which meets the strictest safety standard.

Overseas strategy of WEY

WEY formulate a global strategy agenda and plan to enter the European market in 2021 and expand to other markets in parallel. Face the competition with luxury brands in overseas and realize a direct challenge to the traditional giant BBA on new energy track.

In European market, the first country where WEY plans to land is Germany. Since then, sales will gradually expand to other European countries.

Novelties & premieres


WEY. The arrival of a new species.