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Segway launches affordable and smart electric scooters

Munich, Germany, 2nd September, 2021 – Segway-Ninebot, the world’s leading manufacturer of electric mobility solutions, today announces that its three completely newly developed eScooters will enter the German and Austrian markets and that it is presenting them at the IAA Mobility show: affordable electric scooters that also feature the latest technology in connectivity. The eScooters have a colour LED screen on the handlebar and are operable via smartphone: With this offering and a new eMoped, Segway is hoping to take the consumer market by storm. The new vehicles have an exceptionally low starting price of only € 1,799 which makes electric driving very attractive for consumers. Segway has chosen Germany and Austria to further expand its eScooters in Europe, as the absolute scooter market and the demand for smart and clean mobility solutions is very large.

Affordable eScooter

Segway introduces three affordable eScooters: the Launch Edition E110SE with a range up to 97 kilometres, the normal E110S with a range up to 75 kilometres and an even more richly equipped model, the E125S. Among other features, this comes with an extra battery that increases the range to 140 kilometres. All models come in a 25 kilometres per hour and a 45 kilometres per hour version and have a standard two-year warranty. The products have been available in Belgium and the Netherlands since spring this year.

Dennis Hardholt, President of Segway-Ninebot EMEA: „This introduction ensures that for the first time electric scooters are more affordable than similar quality scooters with a petrol engine. Besides the comfort of a silent ride, it is easy to recharge the scooter after the ride. The removable batteries can simply be plugged into the mains to charge at home. We have high expectations for these products, because for the first time all the factors for a successful launch are in place: price, design and technology. I am convinced that consumers will become very enthusiastic once they have tried the eScooter.”

Smart technology and connectivity

The three eScooters are fitted with smart technologies. For example, the eScooter is controlled remotely with the Segway app, the handlebars are equipped with a colour LED screen for all important information and all models are protected by an Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) anti-theft system. This uses integrated 4G and GPS to constantly monitor the location of the eScooter. In addition, the eScooter detects sudden movements and triggering a message to a smartphone within seconds.

The Segway-Ninebot app, which is compatible with both Apple and Android, also shows all relevant information about the eScooter: What were the past rides? How much range is left? Where is the verhicle parked? The app also makes sure the eScooter unlocks and locks automatically when the driver gets close. So there is no need to get the phone or key out in order to drive off.


All Segway eScooters are equipped with state-of-the art safety measures. Remarkable is that a technology that is mainly known from cars and motorcycles is now also available in a scooter: The E125S has an ABS braking system so that grip remains steady even in emergency situations.

Unlike most e-scooters, the battery is located at the bottom of the footboard, creating a low centre of gravity that is ideal for optimum and safe riding comfort.

Appearance and design

The eScooters have been specifically developed for the European consumer. The vehicles have an extra-long seat, so that it fits two adults comfortably. Under the seat, the models offer 27 litres of luggage space. Depending on model and size this is large enough for two helmets.

Electric scooters should not only be reliable and efficient, they should above all look good. The Segway eScooters are available in modern colours: The Launch Edition “E110SE” is available in Jet Black (matte), the regular edition “E100S” is available in Phantom Black (glossy), Intense Red (glossy), Stone Grey (matte), Steel Grey (glossy) and Arctic White (glossy). The “E125S” comes in Phantom Black, Atlantic Blue, Arctic White and Ruby Red (all glossy).

On top of the handlebar there is a large LED colour screen on which all important information can be read, such as speed and remaining battery capacity. On the front and back of the Segway eScooters there are striking LED strips ensuring that the vehicle is seen clearly. The use of LED for lighting and display ensures exceptionally low energy consumption.

New eMoped

Besides the three new eScooters, Segway also introduces an eMoped, the B110S. This compact one-seater electric moped has a range of up to 105 kilometres. The B110S will be available in both a 25 kilometres per hour and a 45 kilometres per hour model and will be available in a number of striking colour combinations.

Exhibition at the IAA 2021 in Munich

Segway-Ninebot will present its new Segway eScooters and eMoped at its booth at the International Mobility Exhibition IAA in Munich and will give visitors the opportunity to try them on the test track. With an exhibition of their latest KickScooters series, visitors can also learn more about Segway-Ninebot and its products in terms of mobility solutions. The booth is located in the IAA Next hall B5, booth number D01 and the show takes place from 7th until the 12th of September 2021.

Availability and specifications

The special Launch Edition E110SE will be available from Q4 2021 at various scooter shops in limited numbers. On top of that, buyers get the e-Skates Drift W1 for free when they purchase the Launch Edition. All regular models are expected to be available in the German and Austrian market from Q4 2021. The recommended retail prices: Segway eScooter E110SE: € 2,499, Segway eScooter E110S: € 2,299, Segway eScooter E125S: € 3,599 und Segway eMoped B110S: € 1,799.

About Segway-Ninebot

Segway-Ninebot has been developing smart, electric mobility solutions since 1999. The company is active in more than 100 countries and it has ten offices worldwide. The headquarters of Segway-Ninebot Europe has been in Amsterdam since June 2016 and it has over 35 employees.

More information can be found on www.segway.com

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