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Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd.


As a pioneer in optics, Huawei provides innovative AR-HUD solutions that promote driving safety and superb infotainment. Huawei's AR-HUD achieves an immersive 70-inch high resolution (1920 x 730) AR display with a FOV of 13° x 5° at VID 7.5m. Moreover, the AR creator renders ADAS and navigation features accurately, with image stabilization guaranteed by the algorithm. Next, with a compact volume of 10L, Huawei's AR-HUD is highly adaptive in various car models. Huawei offers a cost-efficient solution by leveraging the distinctive optical design and proprietary algorithm to eliminate ghosting with a wedge-free windshield. Huawei is nominated by multiple China OEMs for its novel AR-HUD solution. Huawei aims at offering a brand-new intelligent driving experience for consumers.