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Managed IOT Connectivity for Automotive

Deutsche Telekom AG

Managed IOT Connectivity for Automotive

With our one-stop service, we support you in all CASE areas. Deutsche Telekom is your partner on your journey from automotive manufacturer to mobility service provider. On this path, we offer you a holistic approach to integrating connectivity with IoT solutions. We combine the knowledge and resources of telecommunications, with the expertise of a system integrator/consultant. We also deliver strong B2B and B2C end-to-end solutions for various connected car applications, globally! We manage connectivity worldwide! One-stop-shop connectivity for international operations. All this, with the best global network coverage for roaming or local solutions.


Global Service Offering
Dedicated M2M network core enriched with local packet gateways in different areas in the world
Managed global connectivity
One-stop-shop M2M platform, 5G & VoLTE, LTE hybrid networks, excellent eSIM Subscription Management
Flexible Solution Design
Central multi-SIM management via one platform and portal, regulatory compliant and cost efficient