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Overmoulded Cell Contacting System

Intensa Technische Dienstleistungen GmbH

Overmoulded Cell Contacting System

Our patented design concept offers OEM/Tier1 efficient battery cell contacting for high volume production by utilising plastic frames with overmoulded busbars in a single shot. Electrical contact can still be made by laser welding of the cell poles - and metal leadframes for voltage and temperature sensing may be insert-moulded in the same go. Such overmoulded stamped leadframes replace FPCs or cable harnesses that usually can´t be automatically assembled. Using cost-competitive injection moulding technology is only feasible due to the smart feature of movable yet firmly held busbars that compensate any temporary or permanent elongation of the cell pack caused by temperature or ageing. When cells expand and change their pole distances, the busbars simply follow without incurring stress.